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Heavy Oil Fuel Station

There are two types of Heavy Oil Fuel preparation stations: transfer and filtering-heating-pressurization.

Fuel-oil Transfer Station:

The transfer of fuel between main fuel tank and daily fuel tank/pump station is supplied by this type of station.

Fuel-oil Filtering-Heating-Pressurization Station:

This type of station ensures, that the burner receives fuel at required quality, flow rate, pressure and temperature.

The fuel-oil, which comes from main fuel tank at 55 °C through transfer station, is heated to 130 °C in order to reach suitable viscosity value for ideal combustion.

According to customer’s preference:

·         Single filter or two filters (one of them is reserve filter),

·         Single pump or two pumps (one of them is reserve filter)

Systems with reserve filter and pump ensures ease of maintenance and uninterrupted operation.

There are steam and electrical heat exchangers for heating solutions.

The station is a complete system solution with pump, filter, manometer, check valve, pressure transmitter, and constant pressure regulator.