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Quality Policy

Our goal is produce high quality, technologic and economic products according to the latest quality standard in order to give continuously satisfaction to our stakeholders, our quality policy,

•    We aim continuously control to our Quality Management System according to ISO9001:2015 standard to reach and gain optimum working requirement.

•    Continuous improvement and development on our Quality Management System with encouraging the Risk based thoughtful

 •    Reach the required quality level with suppliying the neccessary training to our team,

•     Organising the best procurement process with our supplier to give better price, quality and right on time service,

•     Top level customer satisfaction

•     Cost of raw material and manpower usage reducing as much as possible  with efficiently resource management

•      Creating a working place that is respectful to society and environment, also prioritizes to occupational health and safety.

•      Implement to process and product regarding to legal legislation

•      Achieving to be a special option in heating sector