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60 years ago we started heating you with our oil-fired boilers. Today, we continue to heat you with the new generation of condensing boilers of the new company GASSERO. The philosophy of the family, which started 60 years ago with DCD and continued with GASSERO, has not changed today. We design and produce products that no one else makes, which include high added-value, technology and innovation. In addition to 60 years of experience, we are also prepared for the concept of industry 4.0 of the digital age, mentioned in artificial intelligence. We work to ensure that our products connect and share information and adapt to systems that can form a smart network. As mentioned in our product catalog, we produce premix burner condensing boilers with stainless steel heat and aluminum casting heat exchangers. Also we have a wide capacity range of products starting from 42 kW to 3500 kW.

Considering the possibilities of up to 16 cascades of our 60 different power and type boilers, we are the indisputable solution partner of all spaces, whether horizontal or vertical. Being a wanted brand for our stakeholders, providing comfort for our users, respecting nature, providing ease of installation for our installers and standing behind our products after sale are our reasons for existence.

Our goal is not to witness the developing technology and the era of digitalization, but as a partner to offer you smart, eco-friendly and highly efficient products with new generation designs.